28/09/2015 ToroWine

Wine harvesting in Tardencuba

Silently and suddenly the wine producer comes for a visit.

Hi dear friends! – he says and stares, he observes in love with each one of their movements, driven by the soft warm breeze, covered with every member where the magic fruit is hanging.

Here I am again – he keeps saying while he takes out the refractometer from the handbag with his left hand and at the same time extends the other one to pick a grape seed.

He puts it in his mouth, chews for three times and returns it to the vineyard. He tastes it while he takes another grape seed. This time he squeezes it and pours it into the refractometer. He points the device to the sky and puts his eye in the precise place as he would do it with a telescope.

He looks at them again.

You are doing pretty well, there is a few time remaining – he keeps saying slowly.

He comes back to the winery. Everything is arranged for their arrival.

When approaching the winery he feels an unusual merriment in the production area.

The future of wine, the future of wine, the future of wine!!! – he keeps repeating while he enters the winery and greets his 20 visitors.

They are the kids from the village, Venialbo, that have come with their teachers to know for themselves the nuts and bolts of the miracle of transforming the grape juice into wine.

You are the ones that will help the wine survive for at least 5 additional generations – says the wine producer to the kids. They recognize him immediately and disregarding what the wine producer says they start a battery of questions. What is this for, when does the grape arrive, is it true that goblins transform the grape juice into wine, are they invisible…

And the wine producer says: kids, today I am very happy to have you here. And for that reason I am going to tell you the Best Kept Secret in Tardencuba.
While they stay magically in silence, the wine producer starts to tell them the story.

There is a wine harvesting smell in Venialbo, a wine harvesting smell in Tardencuba.


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