Health benefits of red wine

Red wine contains medicinal properties that are beneficial for the body. Thanks to its high percentage volume of resveratrol and antioxidants it has been occasionally prescribed by doctors in order to prevent certain health problems.

Let’s see some health benefits that this drink offers: Read more

Summer wines

Following the words of Fernando Fernán Gómez on his famous play ‘Bicycles are for the summer’, we can also state that ‘Red wines are for the summer’.

Many people refuse red wine consumption during summertime but it is important to make clear that summer does not restrain the pleasure of these wine types, even with hot temperatures consumers usually prefer having a glass of a fresher and lighter wine, where it can be a rosé or white. Read more

Spain’s flavor

Spain’s flavor is made out of roast suckling pig from Segovia, paella from Valencia, cheese from Zamora, Iberian ham from Guijuelo, black pudding from Burgos, prawns from Huelva, seafood from Galicia… and an endless number of delicacies.

Spain is famous for its rich and careful cuisine, every region stands out with a brilliant cookery. One of the most frequent questions of dinner guests is how to combine the table products with the appropriate wine, in order to boost and enjoy the ambrosia. Therefore, wine pairing always raises one of the biggest culinary discussions. Read more

Red wine in Spain

Scientific research prove that a responsible red wine consumption is beneficial for humans as it fights the effects of mouth bacteria, improves the cognitive function, cleans the palate and reduces the risk level of growing some cancer types or heart diseases.

Red wine is rich in antioxidants such as resveratrol. The red wine path in the past was remarkable when it was used as a medication, antiseptic for wound recovery and digestion controller. Read more

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