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Spain’s flavor

Spain’s flavor is made out of roast suckling pig from Segovia, paella from Valencia, cheese from Zamora, Iberian ham from Guijuelo, black pudding from Burgos, prawns from Huelva, seafood from Galicia… and an endless number of delicacies.

Spain is famous for its rich and careful cuisine, every region stands out with a brilliant cookery. One of the most frequent questions of dinner guests is how to combine the table products with the appropriate wine, in order to boost and enjoy the ambrosia. Therefore, wine pairing always raises one of the biggest culinary discussions.

We can find two positions: on one side those who state that some wines should ‘marry’ forever certain dishes following harmony regulations. On the other sides those matching detractors that consider the ‘consent’ between wine and pairing is a utopia.

Whatever the position we decide to choose, it is basic to take the maximum advantage of the food and wines agreement.

Firstly we must focus on the most classical ones, the pairing lovers, who show the following combination regulations:

  • Generous wines are the ideal companion for any appetizer.
  • Light young red wines are the most adequate for roast lamb, beef and chicken meat. It is also accepted for pasta, vegetables, paella, cold cuts, fried eggs or meat-based soups.
  • Crianza, reserva and gran reserva red wines are suitable for casserole, stews, legumes and strong fermentation cheeses.
  • Light dry white wines are the perfect companion for general seafood, especially for oysters, shrimps and prawns.
  • Dry white wines are excellent for pairing baked fish, crab, ham, lamb cutlets, winkles and fish-based soups.
  • Sweet wines are the correct choice for desserts with chocolate and fruit, pastry and sponge cakes as well as foie and pâté.

As mentioned before, there are also pairing detractors who state that wine and dish are diverse and independent.

It is crucial to enjoy the most appealing dish or wine in every moment, without considering if it matches or not. If it does not, by placing a glass of water between spaces we can clean the palate. The final target will always be to look for the sensory pleasure.


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