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Health benefits of red wine

Red wine contains medicinal properties that are beneficial for the body. Thanks to its high percentage volume of resveratrol and antioxidants it has been occasionally prescribed by doctors in order to prevent certain health problems.

Let’s see some health benefits that this drink offers:

  • Longevity: getting the highly prized elixir of life is very simple provided that there is a moderate consumption of this drink. The effect appears due to the resveratrol that energizes and improves the human body.
  • Sleep improvement: a great solution for insomnia that is not often taken into account is red wine consumption before getting to bed, as it causes a deep sleep. This happens thanks to melatonin that is contained on red grapes.
  • Brain benefits: the aforementioned resveratrol also benefits the brain by preventing dementia, Alzheimer and cerebrovascular diseases.
  • Heart health: this is one of the most remarkable virtues of the red wine as a medical treatment. It is recommended to drink one glass of wine every day for keeping the heart strong and healthy.
  • It lessens the impact of certain cancer types: lung, prostate, breast, among others

Regarding the first one, it is scientifically proven that having a red wine glass every day can reduce by 60% the risk of having a lung cancer on smoker males, although the best way to prevent a lung cancer is to give up smoking.

On prostate cancer, the fact of having four/seven wine glasses every week reduces by 50-60% the chance of having this disease.

Breast cancer, especially concerning women, can be prevented by a moderate consumption of red wine given that its compounds can block cancer cells and avoid their expansion.

Therefore, drinking wine in moderation can be beneficial for health as it helps preventing certain diseases.

In addition we can find a double function of health and pleasure in a glass of wine provided that the palate will be captivated while drinking.

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