Some advices to preserve wine when it is opened

At some point of our lives we have enjoyed exquisite delicacies with great wines during a lovely event with the company of friends.

Everything is perfect up to here. The problem is when we realize one of the wine bottles is half finished… but there is no problem at all! Although finishing the bottle would be ideal, we have some advices to help improving the wine status in the short run.

  • Put a cork on it and preserve in the fridge: One of the options is putting a cork in the bottle and leave inside the fridge. It will be stored on a low temperature so the souring process because of the oxygen will be slowed down. In the case of red wine, to be consumed between 16-18°C, we must keep it in the fridge and take it out almost one hour before consumption in order to warm it up. For white and rosé wines they must be consumed directly out of the fridge, as it is usual to serve them in a cool temperature.
  • Vacuum bottle stopper: The second option would be the use of a vacuum bottle stopper, a tool we can easily find in wine cellars and department stores. With this tool we can create an airtight vacuum in the bottle but we can also take the wine aromas out.
  • Nitrogen: Another option would be the exchange of oxygen by nitrogen, a noble gas that will stop the souring process for two or three weeks. A special tool is required for this purpose.
  • Recycle: the last option happens in case the wine has lost is character, that is to say it has a different taste as it was just opened, and it is suitable for cooking. In this case we must keep it in the fridge and use it in the following stew if it is red or a cream sauce if it is white.

In order to avoid the last option, try to meet someone who enjoys the wine as much as you, share the moments associated to a good glass of wine and do not hurry, Toro wines withstand several days before getting damaged.


Every year differs from other in the wine production world. Time influence marks a milestone in wine quality and especially in its life expectancy. However not all the vineyards are influenced in the same way just as two people can have more noticeable symptoms than others such as a simple cold or a wasp sting.

It’s been more than 50 years preparing and knowing the land, more than 50 years knowing each one of our grapevines the same as a shepherd knows each one of his sheep, and that allows us to select the best fruit from the vine to create the greatest wine. Read more

5 details of wine harvesting that you probably did not know

With the incoming wine harvesting we are here describing 5 tips about wine harvesting that you probably did not know.

Wine harvesting is a millennial activity

In the II millennium B.C we can find Egyptian engravings with a wine harvesting representation and the crushing on tanks and at the same time the current Pharaoh used to have official cupbearers at his service. Read more

The architecture as the main star: 3 impressive winery samples

The changes in wine market, the gaining importance of enotourism and bringing the place where final product is made closer to the consumer, have all given a new concept of the winery. From a place where only the workers were allowed to enter we have got to extravagant buildings which are designed to offer a greater and better customer support as well as caring about the wine storage conditions.

Among several additional services, the building style can be also a differentiating attribute as these 3 wineries prove: Read more

Differences between the French and American oak barrels

Wine producers use to argue vehemently about the choice of French oak and American oak barrels. If they only focus on the wood source it should be pointed out that this matter is not enough, as there are many additional features such as the vineyard characteristics, the time spent on oak barrels… all these features affect the result of wine. However the fact is that it is necessary to use a 5 year-old wine barrel for having a neutral influence on the wine’s flavor and optimizing the final result. Read more

Wine bottles genre

As we discussed in the previous entry there are many types of wine bottles according to its size. We will now describe the genre of wine bottles.

Regarding its color, we are not refraining from talking about the style topic, which is really important, but also the color of glass that is going to be used will affect the wine’s protection against sunlight. In this way we can find bottles such as: Read more

Wine bottle evolution and size

The bottle is the way the wineries have to introduce their wine to the consumers, a really important item. This container is generally made of glass and its design and features make some wines age in the bottle and others are bottled after their aging in casks.  Read more

Definition and influences of Parker Points

The iconic wine American critic Robert Parker created widely known ratings on a point scale for the best wines becoming so influential that Parker Points were acknowledged to be significant.

System ranks from 50 points initially and can reach 100 points, being this the highest category. The point increase is due to aroma, color, palate and wine potential. Read more

Health benefits of red wine

Red wine contains medicinal properties that are beneficial for the body. Thanks to its high percentage volume of resveratrol and antioxidants it has been occasionally prescribed by doctors in order to prevent certain health problems.

Let’s see some health benefits that this drink offers: Read more

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