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Summer wines

Following the words of Fernando Fernán Gómez on his famous play ‘Bicycles are for the summer’, we can also state that ‘Red wines are for the summer’.

Many people refuse red wine consumption during summertime but it is important to make clear that summer does not restrain the pleasure of these wine types, even with hot temperatures consumers usually prefer having a glass of a fresher and lighter wine, where it can be a rosé or white.

Here we describe how to enjoy thoroughly each type:

  • Red wine consumption is always ideal provided that it has been stored on a good barrel with an adequate temperature. It is highly recommended to choose young fruity red wines, with a good acidity, a moderate alcohol strength and a low aging. It is advisable to have a drink by the end of the evening or dusk.
  • If the day is scorcher having a glass of red wine with a fizzy drink or soda is a good way to cope with it. The mixture is named as Tinto de Verano (Summer red). This beverage is Spanish typical and it became ingrained in the country since the last mid-century. It is served with plenty of ice, in order to have a cooler effect.
  • In terms of white and rosé wines, these must be served with a temperature around 9-12ºC. If it is a young wine this must be served while it is 10ºC, however if it is fermented on barrel the temperature should be 12ºC inside an ice bucket filled up with cold water to preserve the recommended temperature. This requisite is essential for a complete pleasure of tasting.

On summer wine-pairing we are leaning towards light and soft plates, where we can find every type of salad and combine them with fruity and fresh wines. Whites are ideal although many types of red wine are joining this. If we are having any soft cheese, lunchmeat or seafood the best option is a rosé that will add a flavorful and refreshing taste to the plates.

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