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4 reasons to choose a Spanish wine

On today’s entry we are explaining 4 reasons to choose a Spanish wine.

Spain is famous for its intricate and careful cuisine and a huge range of food products that define its widely known hallmark. The wines are a safe bet at the same time, as this country has a great tradition on vine harvesting and stands out for being one of the leading world producers.

By choosing a Spanish wine you will always be successful and in order to second this assertion we have collected several reasons to make you lean towards the wines on this country:

Wide range of grapes

There are so many grape varieties in Spain that make the wine production also rich and diverse. There are more than 600 variations all around the country although the major part nationwide leaves only 20 units of which we highlight the following: Tempranillo, Albariño, Garnacha, Macabeo, Palomino, Airén, Parellada, Cariñena… among others.

Great choice of wines

Spain produces a great amount and diversity of wines due to grape variety but also thanks to different grounds and climates. These wines make a distinction because of their grape composition and the way they were created.

In this way the wines are classified according to their production system and we can separate them between still and special wines.

Among the still wines we can find white, rosé and red.

Among the special wines and liquors we can find fortified, sparkling, mistelle and sherry.

This diversity makes every Spanish wine always perfect for each moment.

Product quality

In order to prove the quality and refinement of the Spanish wines, the Protected Designation of Origin is responsible for labeling and protection of the wines that are produced in a certain area.

Considering the current European regulations, Spanish wines have two separate classifications: Quality Wines Produced in Specified Regions (where we can find with Protected Designation of Origin and Quality Wines with Geographical Indication among others) and Table Wines that also have many subcategories according to their production exigency level.

Value for money

Quality and prestige are not necessarily synonyms of expensive. Proof of this are the Spanish wines that being one of the most honored products worldwide; its price is really attractive. This is one of the reasons the Spanish wine is rising in both national and international markets.

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