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Wine bottles genre

As we discussed in the previous entry there are many types of wine bottles according to its size. We will now describe the genre of wine bottles.

Regarding its color, we are not refraining from talking about the style topic, which is really important, but also the color of glass that is going to be used will affect the wine’s protection against sunlight. In this way we can find bottles such as:

  • Dark green: for red wines.
  • Pale green or brown: for white wines.
  • Transparent: for young white or rosé wines.
  • Dark glass, dull: for age worthy wines.
  • Dark brown or black glass: for sherry wines.

Furthermore and talking about the bottle shape, it is remarkable that each one of the most famous wine regions has developed its own design of bottle according to their wine features.

  • Bordeaux: used in this French region is a straight-sided and high-shouldered bottle with green glass for red wines and transparent for white ones. It is used to store ‘fino’ red wines.
  • Burgundy: in Burgundy and Rhône regions bottles of a more pronounced shape, on green or honey color for red and white wines.
  • Hock or Rhine: the third most used shape is the high hock from Rhine and Moselle. Wine Rhine bottles are made of brown glass whereas Alsace bottles are green.
  • Sparkling wines: Champagne and other sparkling wines used a highly pronounced bottle on thick glass being capable of putting up with the carbonic gas pressure.

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