24/06/2015 ToroWine


Enotourism is an alternate way for leisure by visiting special and charming places around the Spanish countryside.

This original investment puts the wine in a starring place given that the priority is to boost the vine richness of certain areas around the country, although the culinary, cultural and health tourism is very present too.

Therefore, those who want to experience this opportunity will have the chance of enjoying wines at their finest, will visit vineyards to get more knowledge of harvesting, will attend the grape crushing and will get first-hand information about the vine dresser’s duties. Moreover they will learn all about the wine production since grape collection till the bottling process, one of the trending activities on these days. Visitors can likewise make a guided tour of wineries and see the architecture, be trained on wine tasting and entertain themselves with a full menu married for that occasion.

The enotourism experience does not end up in here as it will be possible to enjoy wines with no drinking but with a relaxing vinotherapy treatment to get profit of the grape’s antioxidant benefits. These values are a treasure for wellness. Attractive, isn’t it?

Enotourism also offers a different way of approach to the wine world that today is at its peak.

One of the best moments to enjoy this experience is autumn as harvesting happens on this season and also spring thanks to the warm weather in Spain.

Being a wine lover and having a good taste for this drink are not essential requirements to enjoy the aforementioned activities, provided that all of them have a common point: the fondness for tradition, rest, leisure and culture.


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